Private Equity

IMA helps private equity clients and their portfolio of companies, see
around corners, enabling them to take advantage
of risk rather than simply purchasing insurance.

Insurance by Industry  |  Private Equity

Protecting Assets
in Private Equity

Managing risk means more than insuring what is here today, but seeing ahead
to where the business will be tomorrow. IMA understands clients’ business
first and places insurance second.

We have experience in the following verticals:

+ Attorneys
+ Family Offices
+ Financial Advisors
+ Lenders
+ Portfolio Companies
+ Private Equity Firms
+ Tax Accountants
+ Transaction Advisors
+ Transaction Teams
+ Venture Capital

The IMA Difference

IMA’s Private Equity and M&A Practice has fine-tuned the engagement model with transparency and flexibility as its foundation.  IMA’s commitment to assessing, identifying and communicating risks and risk transfer options is what differentiates us. Unlike many of IMA’s competitors, IMA operates as one organization with no inter/intra-office chargebacks for involvement of resources and practices regardless of geographic location. This business model enables IMA to provide clients with the best service teams and value-added services to address unique risk management needs from diligence to divestiture and all phases in-between.

In House Transactional Liability Team

IMA works with corporate buyers, PE firms and private sellers to secure the integrity of the transaction via our in-house Transactional Liability Team.

1.  Efficiently Close the Transaction

2. Maximize Available Indemnification

3. Allow for Smooth Transition

4. Assist in the Auction Process

5. Mitigate Post-Close Solvency Concerns


Tailored Specialties

Post Close Service Team

The Right Sized Broker

Private Equity Services

Surety Contract Review Due Diligence Complex Risk
Environmental Executive Risk Cyber Coverage Global Risk
IMA Certificate Compliance Insurance Marketing
Services + Structure
Claims Lifecycle Risk Management

Approach to Service


IMA is steadfast in our role as a trusted advisor. We are sensitive in our approach to individualizing the risk strategy of our clients. From our perspective, this critical planning is fluid and hinges upon risk profiles, historical data, changing priorities, business lifecycles, risk tolerance and acceptance for each client.


IMA stands ready to help with specific event driven situations. We’re responsive and we’re communicative. We’re actively listening to your “purpose” and we’ll advocate on your behalf.


The transactional components are equally critical in IMA’s service model and are necessary to the flow of business in which accuracy and speed are essential.