Uber + Lime? This editor is 100% in
Millenials and yuppies around the world rejoiced on Monday when Uber announced the company joined in a $335M fundraising round for scooter-sharing startup Lime. Does this mean you will be able to rev up a Lime via your Uber app? Probably, in the near future.

Tesla Announces Plan for a 500,000 car-per-year factory outside of Shanghai
The plant will be Tesla’s first wholly owned factory outside of the United States. Is this move in direct response to recent tariffs which sent Tesla prices up 20% in China? Maybe, or it may be to reduce supply chain headaches for Tesla’s second largest market.

The Battle for the Small & Silver Screens Continues
It is an interesting time to be a media conglomerate, Comcast and Fox have their sights set on Sky (the UK’s top pay-TV company), while Comcast also has their sights set on 21 Century Fox’s assets, which are concurrently being pursued by Bob Iger’s Disney.

Episode IV (?) in Tinder v. Hinge
In an effort to optimize your online data endeavors, Hinge borrowed the help of a Nobel laureate algorithm to determine your ‘Most Compatible’ matches on the app.

Is the space-bound pleasure cruise finally here?

Jeff Bezos says yes, next year. Blue Origin plans to offer a seat to the stars in 2019 for a cool $200,000 to $300,000. Somewhat big note, the Blue Origin capsule will ‘only’ reach 62 miles in altitude before descending [enough to be weightless and see the curvature of the earth], technically reaching ‘sub-orbital’ space. So as Owen Wilson said in Armageddon: “we haven’t even reached outer space yet’

The CVS/Aetna merger may not be challenged by the DOJ
The two companies have significant overlap in their Medicare RX drug plans, so there may be forthcoming news from the Department of Justice on that front.

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