University of Michigan Creates the World’s Smallest Computer, Small Enough to Measure the Temperature of Groups of Cells
If you want to see a picture of a computer next to a grain of rice where the computer looks like a VW Bug next to a blimp click here. Researchers at the University of Michigan created a temperature sensing ‘computer’ that is only .04 cubic millimeters, handily beating the previous record holder, IBM

June is the Busiest Month for IPOs in the Last 3 Years
IPO pricing is up 35% compared to 2017, and the last week of June alone will see a dozen companies go public.

Justice Anthony Kennedy to Step Down from the Supreme Court
Over the last decade Justice Kennedy has played a the role of key swing vote in a number of key 5-4 rulings. His replacement will help dictate interpretation of law and the Constitution for decades to come,  as the oldest member of President Trump’s shortlist to replace Kennedy is only 53.

Amazon Buys Online Pharmacy PillPack
Amazon takes another dive into the world of healthcare and rattles incumbents such as Walgreens and CVS, who each saw 7% of their market cap evaporate on the news.

Supreme Court Rules Against Unions

The Supreme Court ruled that unions cannot collect dues from non-members, in what is being called “the most important labor law decision… possibly ever and at least in decades” by the leader of the Labor Relation Institute

Apple & Samsung Settle Patent Fight Started back in 2011
Do these phones look the same to you? Apple says ‘yes’, Samsung says ‘only kind-of’ and the Justice Department said ‘similar enough’ and levied a $539 million fine on Samsung. The companies were able to reach private settlement this week; so it appears imitation and a half-a-billion dollars is the sincerest form of flattery.

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