How Do You Fix a $1 Billion Leak? Drill a Tunnel 55 Stories Underneath New York
Kiewit-Shea is boring a bypass tunnel for the the leaking Delaware Aqeduct, which provides over half of NYC’s water.

Supreme Court Rules For Ecommerce Sales Tax
In a 5-4 ruling, the Supreme Court overturned a 1992 ruling and cleared the way for states to collect sales tax from online retailers, even those without a physical presence in the state.

Speaking of Ecommerce, Who is the Biggest Winner? Maybe Logistics Companies
As Americans spend more and more online, US companies are spending more shipping their purchases. Compared to 2008, US companies spent $250 billion more in shipping.

What Sea-level Rise Means for the Future of Property Insurance 
A recent report from the Union of Concerned Scientists estimates sea level increases will put approximately 311,000 US coastal homes at risk of chronic flooding, potentially leading to an increase in property insurance costs.

Tesla Downsizes What Used to Be SolarCity

An internal Tesla memo announced the planned closure of 14 installation facilities, and a potential end of a retail relationship with Home Depot, which former employees indicate generated half of the division’s sales.

A Hard Brexit Could Lead to an Airbus Exit from the UK
Airbus has threatened to end its operations in the United Kingdom in the event of a ‘hard Brexit’, putting over 4,000 UK based suppliers at potential risk.

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