Apple Becomes the First Company Worth a Trillion Dollars
From Steve and Woz assembling computers in their Palo Alto garage to $207.05 a share, Apple has become the most valuable company in modern history.

Facebook, On the Other Hand, Lost $120B of Market Cap in a Single Day Last Week

Although Facebook’s CFO has routinely warned investors of a slowdown in user growth, the market sent the company’s stock down 20% after this quarter’s guidance.

Grow Sales 60%, Investors Send Your Shares Tumbling
Or so is the case for payments company Square, who’s revised forward-looking forecast spooked investors coming off an incredible quarter (and a year which saw the company double size).

Uber Trading Trucks for Scooters, Kind of
Uber announced Monday the company would close its autonomous truck unit, a move which does not affect Uber Freight, which is similar to the consumer app, but for long-haul trucking. This announcement comes on the heels of Uber’s foray into scooters, via teaming up with Lime.

How an App, Not Appetizer, Is Turning Chipotle Around
Chipotle was late to the digital food-service game but now seems committed to gaining ground quickly, with 10% of all Chipotle orders coming via a digital medium and over 4 millions users on the company’s app.

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