Let’s hope they’re not soggy
The war on plastic straws is in full swing as cities and companies are announcing their ban on plastic one after another, and the sole maker of paper straws in the U.S. is reaping the benefits. After a nearly 5000% growth in 2017, the newly acquired Aardvark company already has plans to greatly expand and ramp up production within the next year.

Arsenal Football Club
Stan Kroenke has now officially expanded his sporting reach to the U.K. After years of part ownership in the Arsenal Football Club, Mr. Kroenke will finally take sole ownership. For a cool 550m Euro, he successfully bought out Alisher Usmanov and now owns 90% of the team with plans to buy out the remaining 10% and take the company private, to very mixed reviews.

UnitedHealth to buy Genoa Health
UnitedHealth is catching the pharmacy/health insurer wave that CVS and Aetna jumped on earlier this year with its plans to purchase specialty pharmacy operator Genoa Health from Advent International. With 400 full-service pharmacies, this sale is rumored to be over $2 billion.

“Am considering taking Tesla private at $420. Funding secured.” – Elon Musk, Twitter
In the Tweet heard ‘round the world, Elon Musk broke the news of his potential plans to take his company private. Although the nine-word Tweet is the only “official” news, it sent analysts and Wall Street into a state of speculation.

Uber halt in NYC
New York passed legislation on Wednesday that, along with putting a 12-month pause on new vehicle licenses for ride-hail services, allows New York to set a minimum pay rate for drivers. Although some Uber drivers are for the cap, the company has more cause for worry, if other cities follow suit, this could create the potential to impact their looming IPO.

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