Amazon, the World’s Leading Cloud-computing Provider, Suffered an Outage on Their Biggest Sale Day of the Year
Due to, wait for it, lack of cloud computing power. The company may have underestimated the number of people to flood the site on Prime Day, and did not have enough servers ready to handle the load, leading to reduced performance and in some cases, total outages.

First Watson, Next – The World for IBM
For the first time, IBM generated over half of its revenue from non-legacy sources, such as consulting, security, AI and cloud computing.

When Was the Last Time You Went to McDonalds?
Or Burger King? America’s fast-casual dining category continues to grow, nearly eclipsing $800B in 2017, but traditional players are taking a smaller bite out of the market as new entrants, catering to everything from vegan to insect-based foodies, grow in popularity.

Meat is Off the Menu at WeWork
WeWork’s co-founder Miguel Mckelvey announced the company would no longer serve meat at company offices or events, and even more surprisingly, would not accept expense reports where employees ate animal protein.

GE’s Turnaround Is Having a Hard Time Getting Off the Ground

GE’s power business, specifically gas turbines, continues to weigh on the company’s growth.

Seattle Regains the Construction Crown, Ordained with 65 Cranes
Seattle muscled back into the domestic lead when it comes to cranes, but lags globally compared to cities such as Sydney (346) and Dubai (1,182)

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