Is anyone else tired of waiting for your “chipped” credit card to process?
You’re not the only one. Square announced it has decreased its processing time for chipped cards to “2 seconds” compare that to the average of 13 seconds for all payment processors in the US.

US Government bans itself, Federal contractors from using ZTE & Huawei products
The signing of the John S. McCain National Defense Authorization Act effectively excludes these two Chinese companies from a broad part of the American buying ecosystem and potentially sets an interesting precedent for American dealings with Chinese companies which are closely aligned with the Chinese government.

US infrastructure improving?
On the heels of a deadly bridge collapse in Italy which has claimed 39 lives, the American Society of Civil Engineers released a report stating that the percentage of structurally deficient bridges in the US declined to 9.1% from 12.1% a decade ago.

Open office = less employee face-to-face interaction?
A recent Harvard Business School study found that open office designs lead to a 72% drop in face-to-face interactions between employees, lowering productivity.

Scale vs. profit, and the emergence of the Unicorn
As equity sources have become more willing to take larger and larger bets, companies are remaining private longer and pushing out profitability in a race to reach global scale. What’s the result? Companies with billion-dollar valuations which are losing millions (or hundreds of millions) each quarter.

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