How to protect a $35k investment you’re more likely than ever to drop out of?
Although tuition insurance has existed since the 1930s, today’s college-goers are more likely than ever to purchase tuition insurance (driven by climbing tuition and climbing drop out rates) which protects against the unhappy costs of dropping out.

SodaStream (which is over 100 years old) bought by Pepsi for $3.2 billion
With American consumers avoiding sugary soda drinks, formerly niche companies offering healthier alternatives are on a tear (La Croix anyone?). Pepsi’s acquisition of SodaStream is the latest move as the company looks to outmaneuver Coca-Cola.

There are 178 online mattress brands now?
As equity ventures farther and farther into the periphery of the American economy in search of alpha, the next battleground seems to be set – your bed. Anyone else miss the simple days of Serta sheep?

It has been a really bad month for Tesla.
First, Elon Musk announced on Twitter his plans to take the company private which led to an SEC investigation and a $40 decrease in share price (~$6B loss in company valuation) a few weeks ago. Now, there are whistleblower accusations of drug trafficking, theft and spying at the company’s Nevada Gigafactory. You assume that it can’t get much worse for Musk, but only time will tell if this is just the beginning of a very bad end to 2018.

Just in case you weren’t already spending too much time on your phone…
The New York Public Library just launched what they are calling Insta Novels on, you guessed it, Instagram. By using the Instant Stories feature on the ‘Gram, the library is taking full-length novels and digitizing them into ebooks through the app. If you have been dying to read Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, The Yellow Wallpaper, or The Metamorphosis start following the New York Public Library’s Instagram account now – these are queued up to be the first available books.

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