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IMA helps clients in higher education see
around corners, enabling them to take advantage
of risk rather than simply purchasing insurance.

IMA has a 100% SUCCESS RATE driving down net
cost of risk for private colleges.

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Protecting Assets
in Higher Education

Managing risk means more than insuring what is here today, but seeing ahead
to where the business will be tomorrow. IMA understands clients’ business
first and places insurance second.

We have experience in the following verticals:

+ Private Colleges
+ State Associations
+ Private Universities

+ Community Colleges
+ Public Universities

Higher Education Services

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Workplace Violence
Property Workers' Compensation Contract Review
Risk Control Complex Risk Risk Management Executive Risk
Cyber Coverage Insurance Marketing
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Coalition Membership Benefits

Coalition for College Cost Savings

As a former CFO of two private, non-profit colleges, I understand the unique challenges and limitations facing CFOs and Risk Managers. It was important for The Coalition to partner with a broker that understands and is committed to our Private, Non-Profit Colleges. By leveraging the strength of The Coalition’s over 900 Colleges and Universities, the Coalition program through IMA allows our schools to Transform Processes, Reduce Costs and Increase Efficiencies.

– Lyen Crews, President, The Coalition for College Cost Savings


“Private colleges are all about partnerships and collaboration. This collaboration on Property & Casualty Insurance by IMA allows our members to leverage property and liability carriers to secure lower rates – something they have not been able to do before. This collaborative venture provides comprehensive coverage, specifically tailored to the needs of the private college campuses, while reducing insurance costs and improving asset protection. In addition, this ICUT collaboration will further reduce costs for participating private colleges as additional members join the group.”

– Ray Martinez, President, ICUT

IMA is the broker of choice for the KICA. We have seen an immediate positive impact since joining this program. The results we’ve seen are a great example of how the KICA program, under IMA’s management, can achieve significant results for each member.”

– Matt Lindsey, President of the KICA

IMA Private College Success Story

CASE STUDY – Faith Based Private College (2,000 students)

IMA not only reduced a private college client’s premium spend by 30% in year 1, but also provided benchmarks to assist them with coverage and limit selections.

✓ 30% Premium reduction

✓ $122,000 Annual premium savings

✓ Lowered liability deductibles

✓ Doubled educator liability limits

✓ Doubled cyber insurance limit and improved coverage

✓ Eliminated International Insurance program gaps

✓ Added Active Shooter / Workplace Violence insurance program

✓ Implemented targeted risk management strategies including revised fleet & driver safety program



Higher Education Contacts

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Focus on Perils

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Approach to Service


IMA is constantly and diligently scanning the environment and mining data to deliver solutions to clients before clients even know they have a problem.


When clients need help with specific situations, IMA is there to intervene and help advocate for the best possible outcomes.


IMA supports the execution of transaction in a “need it yesterday” timeframe. These are necessary to the flow of business in which accuracy and speed are essential.