Solutions for clients across the Real Estate Industry
  • Developers/Operators/Owners
    – Affordable Housing
    – Market Rate Apartments
  • Commercial/Retail/Light Industrial
  • Property Management
  • Asset Managers
  • Fund Managers
  • Real Estate Investment Trusts
Proven Experience in Managing Risk in Real Estate
  • Dedicated Real Estate Service Team
    – Customized premium billing and allocation programs
    – Insurance Liaison to Lenders and Investors
  • Design and placement of multi-layered risk programs for clients’ with billions of dollars in portfolio value
  • Benchmarking insight for property, casualty , environmental and professional exposures
  • IMA’s Contractual Risk Practice provides insight for tenant, vendor and construction contracts
  • Industry-specific Claims Advocacy and Loss Prevention Services
Knowledge of all property types
Real Estate Insurance Broker

IMA specializes in providing risk management and insurance coverage tailored to the real estate and multi-family housing industries. We provide high quality risk management solutions to owners, operators, property managers, housing authorities and investors throughout the country. Our clients confidently count on us to think strategically and manage their risk effectively. We pride ourselves on the quality of our people and their industry knowledge, as well as our superior customer service.

Program Management

IMA can provide tools so that each of your communities and corporate offices has the ability to interact through an online web portal. The latest policies and claims information can be catalogued. In addition, certain aspects of your programs can be managed electronically with access to automated policy changes and certificate request forms.

Asset managers have a wide variety of resources at their fingertips to make their jobs easier. Checklists, inspection forms and training materials can be accessed immediately to help with the management of properties.

Risk Control

IMA works closely with clients to design comprehensive plans to prevent and mitigate loss for real estate agencies. We start by analyzing past losses, reviewing written policies and procedures, conducting on-site risk assessments and holding meetings with management and staff. Custom service plans then help property owners and management achieve their risk management goals.


  • Mock Real Estate Assessment Center (REAC) survey and compliance assistance
  • Customized safety resources for residents and staff
  • Training materials for residents and staff
  • Online training
  • Consultations with engineers and safety professionals.
Claim Management

At IMA we don’t just process claims, we actively manage them. On average, 60 to 70 percent of your insurance dollars can be allocated to pay claims. The IMA claim management approach can help you reduce these costs. Prompt reporting, early intervention, aggressive investigation, timely settlement, and excellent communication are the foundation of our claim management success.

Alternative Risk Financing

More than 50 percent of both individual and group clients address at least a portion of their exposure to risk by using alternatives to insurance. IMA has more than 30 years of experience in creating and administering a wide variety of alternative risk solutions, including the following:

  • Large deductible and self insured retention plans
  • Qualified self-insurance plans
  • Rent-a-captive insurance companies
  • Captive insurance companies
  • Risk retention groups
  • Risk purchasing groups
  • Finite risk
  • All lines aggregate