Our Vision: We believe there are seven ways to treat risk.

Insurance is the most reactionary and expensive method. We want to help our clients with the first six ways to treat risk . . . which will in turn make insurance more efficient (cheaper) and effective (broader).

By helping our clients manage risk, both insurable and non-insurable, using the full spectrum of risk management techniques,
we want to turn risk into a competitive advantage for our clients thus making their business better (more profitable).

Changing the Way You Think About Construction

1. Directors & Officers

1. Directors & Officers

In today’s increasingly complex economic environment, the consequences of any given business decision can cross the line and put a decision maker’s personal assets at risk.

2. Loss Control

2. Loss Control

The insurance industry has recognized the need for a distinct insurance solution based on this new risk paradigm and policies can include both tailored coverage but also loss control services.

3. Claims

3. Claims

Our clients tell us that effective claim management is just a part of what we do. Whether the claim is routine or unusual, our experienced team takes aggressive action to get the best possible outcome.

4. Environmental Liability

4. Environmental Liability

Pollution liability is important because it fills critical gaps in CGL and Property policies, satisfies contractual or regulatory requirements and can also be the linchpin in a successful real estate or M&A deal.

5. Cyber Liability

5. Cyber Liability

Advances in information technology over the past two decades have radically transformed the way we conduct business. This transformation has also lead to unintended consequences. Most notably, new risks associated with network and information security.

6. Professional Liability

6. Professional Liability

Professional Liability/Errors and Omissions (E&O) coverage protects against claims alleging financial damages that arise from the delivery of professional services to clients.

Innovative Construction Solutions

Virtual Job Site Walk-through

With the use of technology, our loss control consultants will be able to visit your jobsites virtually alongside your supervisors

Construction Peer Group

Share experience and best practices with similar companies from across the country

Forensic Architect

A unique resource who investigates construction defect claims and testifies in court to their cause will help clients bolster QA/QC

What Our Customers Are Saying About Us

Icon Structures  |  Wichita KS

How did IMA help this company protect its assets and grow from a 2-person team to a company producing over $15 million in annual volume?

Zernco, Inc.  |  Wichita KS

Providing specialized services so that a general contracting agency can sleep better at night.


Using the IMA Construction Encompassed Risk Management (CERM) Process, IMA helps our clients build a holistic risk management platform. The client service model built on our CERM framework breeds accountability and delivers strategic, tactical and transactional service on a “real time, any place, whatever it takes” basis.
In business today, more than ever, the employee experience is crucial in recruiting and retaining the best talent.

With a large percentage of company revenue spent on employees, it is imperative that organizations are using data to make decisions on how to best invest in their people – IMA Total Rewards is your people partner assisting you in making data-driven decisions.


We begin by capturing the voice of your leaders and your employees, determine what offerings your employees value most, and through a variety of lenses analyze the cost of those offerings and create data-driven insights.


With the help of our expert strategic advisors, we guide you through and interactive planning session that includes all levels of the company – from executives down to entry-level.


We help you bring your employment brand to life by creating impactful communication campaigns to educate your employees on our findings, while also capturing ongoing employee insights to monitor engagement.