Aston Martin Has Filed for Bankruptcy 7 Times in the last Century: Investors Value it at Over 10x Earnings 
Aston Martin fell below its IPO price on its first day of trading on the London Stock Exchange, but the 105-year-old car maker is still valued at over $5B.

SoftBank, GM and… Honda? Three companies, two competitors, partner to tackle autonomous driving
All three companies have invested in Cruise Automation, GM’s self-driving car unit.

John Flannery’s brief tenure at GE comes to an end, replaced by the first outsider in the company’s 125 year history
During intraday trading, GE was up 16% on the news of Flannery’s departure which marked the shortest tenure of any GE chief executive.

Amazon raises the minimum wage for its 350,000 employees to $15 per hour
After a hailstorm of criticism, partially drawn by Jeff Bezos being the wealthiest man in the world and partially driven by the extreme pay gap between Amazon employees; the company implemented a new minimum compensation structure for all full-time, temporary and seasonal workers.

50 million Facebook users hacked, stock only drops 3%
Facebook is not the only web company to have developed 3rd-party website connections which are inherently insecure.

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