No Apple Watch? No Fitbit? No Life Insurance for You!
John Hancock, one of the most recognized names in life insurance, has decided it will only sell ‘interactive’ policies, those which require the insured to use a digital fitness tracker. Orwellian? Dystopian? Or is it simply the new status quo for the 21st century?

Benioff Joins Bezos, Jobs, and Soon-Shiong In Buying Up Media Publications
Marc Benioff and his wife, Lynne purchased TIME Magazine for $190m. They follow in the well-trodden footsteps of other tech-made money such as Jeff Bezos (who purchased the Washington Post), Laurene Powell Jobs (who purchased the Atlantic) and Patrick Soon-Shiong (who purchased the LA Times)

Why did IBM buy Its one of the most complex real-life data warehouses on earth
The Weather Company, now a subsidiary of IBM’s Cloud Computing Unit, feeds weather-based data to over five thousand clients ranging from government to insurance.

Today is not 1955 for the S&P 500
In 1955 the average ‘lifespan’ for companies on the S&P 500 was 61 years. Fast forward to 2015, that lifespan has shrunk to a measly 17 years.

‘Defend Forward’ or Aggressive Use of Cyber Attacks to Prevent Cyber Attacks
The Pentagon released a new cyber-strategy this week, signed by Secretary of Defense James Mattis, which focuses on enabling US Cyber forces to go on the offense to preemptively strike at cyber threats.

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