Americans are not taking their vacation days, and the economy is paying for it
While Americans left $62 Billion in benefits on the table by staying at their desks, their dedication to work cost the US economy $255 billion | Also, non-vacation takers did less well at work with an 8% lower chance of being promoted and a 5% lower chance of receiving a raise when compared to their pina colada sipping cohorts

Walmart pays up (to the tune of $15B) to outmaneuver Amazon in India
Walmart has come to an agreement to purchase a 75% stake in Flipkart, India’s leading ecommerce retailer, after outbidding Amazon (but Amazon is building its own internet in India anyway)

$70B in airport projects over 72 months?
The Airports Consultants Council estimates that $70 billion could be spent by 2021 modernizing America’s aging airports (the average American airport is 40 years old) | For reference, the expansion at Chicago’s O’Hare alone will cost $8.5B

$1,000,000= 6,500 jobs?

Facebook has filed over $1 billion in construction permits for the company’s new Menlo Park campus |  The expansion anticipates adding another 6,500 jobs to the social giant’s headquarters

Evil fridges and Other Security Issues

An informal survey indicated that only 31% of companies involve their cyber-security or IT staff in the procurement of technology device  | Why it matters? As the fictional fridge makers from HBO’s Silicon Valley

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