Video-based Telemedicine Firm Doctors on Demand Raises $74 Million
Healthcare already makes up 20% of the national GDP, telemedicine promises to help lower costs by increasing doctor availability (24/7) and decreasing consultation times.

Marijuana Usage in the US has Spiked
Driven by an unlikely source, baby-boomers entering their 60’s are 30 times as likely to use the drug medicinally or recreationally as the generation before.

Amazon Looks to Tap India’s 391m Web-surfers, and Expand Connectivity
Amazon released a light-bandwidth internet app (called: internet) nominally to help India consumers stay “up-to-date with news, cricket and entertainment” but undoubtedly helps the e-commerce giant tap an emerging market

Its China vs. Malta for the World’s Largest Crypto-Exchange
Fleeing a crypto-crackdown by the Chinese government, Binance (the world’s largest crypto-exchange) has moved its headquarters, and trading platform to the tiny island of Malta in the Mediterranean.

Oil is Up, and Down, After Chevron and Exxon Post Q1 Profit
Chevron easily beat analysts’ profit expectations ($1.90 per share vs. $1.47) while Exxon fell short after reporting its worst 1Q production since 1999. 

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