Should we say goodbye to quarterly earnings reports?
Jamie Dimon (CEO, JP Morgan Chase) and Warren Buffett (Chairman, Berkshire Hathaway) believe so. The two have voiced their opinion that the current short-term focus has ended up hurting the economy more than it has helped it, and has contributed to the decline in the number of public companies in America over the last 20 years. In order to combat this trend, the pair are encouraging companies to move away from providing quarterly reports and focus more on long-term wealth accumulation and strategy.

Delta is giving LAX a facelift
And a $1.8B facelift at that. Last week, it was announced that Sky Way terminal modernization project had been authorized and construction will begin this fall. The project, slated to be completed in 2023, will consist of everything from new gates to a connecting bridge and new retail and dining facilities.

Don’t expect to get your Model 3 Tesla anytime soon
23% of all Model 3 deposits in the U.S. have been refunded after production delays have pushed back the delivery for the highly anticipated car. This isn’t bad news for Tesla yet, the people who asked for refunds could potentially just be waiting until production steadies, but if they are swayed by another brand before that time comes, the company could be faced with a whole new set of issues.

The great healthcare debate is back
In what seems to be a never ending war on healthcare, the Democrats have restarted the conversation, this time talking about the sheer cost of health care. The Democratic party has, largely, united under the idea of “Medicare for All” so expect to see this heat up just in time for November elections.

The Vanilla Crisis
After a a few years of strong demand and limited supply, vanilla prices have increased from $20/kg five years ago to more than $600/kg today which makes vanilla the second most expensive spice after saffron. Because of this increase, expect to see prices on your favorite vanilla products increase in the coming months, perhaps a switch to cholocate will be in order?

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