It feels taboo, but should we be discussing how much money we make?
Many believe discussing salaries among coworkers is a great way to leverage salaries and pay disparities. What are the drawbacks?

Oreos reign Supreme
Supreme, a streetwear brand, has partnered with Nabisco to create a limited edition Oreo package (containing three cookies). Two different eBay auctions for the treats had reached $4,000 by Tuesday.

Entertainment industry: Women don’t hold top spots
Although being promoted more often, women still only hold one-fourth of the top jobs at entertainment companies.

Stars with star power
Not the literal power, but with the booming popularity of astrology and zodiacs, the stars have become a multi-billion dollar industry.

Try this quick trick to curb your anxiety
Narrative therapy is considered one of the best ways to tame anxiety and includes externalizing your thoughts and fears in order to combat them.

Italy’s youth are saying “Ciao”
Italy’s youth are leaving the country in alarming numbers due to a stagnant economy.

Farms that float
Floating farms, like the floating dairy farm in Rotterdam harbor, could pave the way to a vast amount of new food ecosystems.

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