Apple makes a security move
The change will likely impact the millions of Apple users.

Recommendations to put a pause on facial recognition
Two U.S. senators want to determine guidelines and limits on facial recognition technology before continued use in federal, government and law enforcement entities.

Streaming isn’t beating cable? What?
“Old school” television still manages to beat out streaming services because that’s what older generations watch – and a lot of it.

When will I get my return?
This tax refund chart may give you a better idea of when to expect your return.

Putting gender equality in the constitution
The U.S. is one of the few countries who does not have gender equality in our constitution. House action sees progress, but there’s a long way to go.

Love at work
Experts recommend you steer clear of dating your coworkers, but when do we ever listen to love advice?

Solar energy is now cheaper than coal
Major companies are investing millions in solar energy.

Coronavirus and stock numbers
Five companies have been hit big
by the virus exploding across the globe.

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