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Real Estate Industry News

Rent regulations in New York City, proptech is taking off and more

Top of the news:

A “metric acre” could save developers a lot of pain, especially when working with international clients.


New York realtors are split over how Governor Kathy Hochul is catering to commercial realtors, Commercial Observer writes.

New York City’s City Council is considering a rent regulation measure post COVID-19, which many commercial landlords are pushing back on, Gothamist reports.


Fixed income investing company Pimco has been putting more of its funds in commercial real estate holdings, The Wall Street Journal writes.

A report from CBRE states that investments in multifamily properties from foreign investors in H1 2021 came up 6.7% below from the same quarter in 2020, World Property Journal reports.


President Biden’s vaccine mandate for businesses with 100 employees or more has those in commercial real estate wondering how commercial landlords will respond, Globe St. writes.

Marquette University has established both a program that will allow undergrads to work with industry professionals on equity investment deals, but also an investment fund of $1 million to help kickstart it, BizTimes reports.


There are more proptech startups than ever, with a report from JLL saying that the amount has increased to over 8,000 in the last decade, The Real Deal writes.

There’s also more money to be made in proptech, as well – one of the most in-demand positions in broker offices are realtors and brokers who can help incorporate and explain technology features into corporate offices, and they’re willing to pay well, Bisnow reports.


Jury deliberations for commercial real estate mogul Robert Durst’s murder trial began this Tuesday the 14th, The L.A. Times writes.


Commercial real estate company Lamington Group has set a goal to offer whole life net zero carbon in its future development and operations, Hospitality Net reports.

Benchmarking laws, which focus on a certain amount of carbon emissions that a building can make, could result in large fines for buildings that surpass them, Propmodo writes.

Professional Development:

Employees are leaving or planning on leaving in swarms, with reasons ranging from burnout to return-to-work conflicts. Inc. has more.