Clean energy from the sun


With the dramatic growth solar energy has undergone, businesses and families now have easier and more affordable access to clean energy than ever before. The U.S. Department of Energy has committed to driving research, manufacturing and market solutions to support the expansion of this soaring solar market.

Design risks centered around solar energy technology

Territory-specific risks

Natural hazards, such as lightning and hail can harm your power grid.

Political risks may arise in the form of government interference, which may delay construction and start-up. A change in licensing requirements may also result in downtime for the power grid.


Solar power grids have become larger targets for cybercrime as they become more integrated and numerous. A breach of a system’s data could take down an entire portfolio of properties.


Public interference, such as vandalism can take your solar panels offline.


Solar panels themselves require regular maintenance, and older designs and technology may require more inspections, replacements and upgrades.