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Employee Benefits Compliance

Craig Truitt – Employee Benefits Compliance Attorney

IMA ensures each client is provided with tools for benefit planning such as: HR support, employee handbooks, employee educational courses, and more. Our legal and compliance teams are here to support any complex issues and to help create strategies to minimize risks.

Strategy & Analytics

Jordan Paulus – Vice President, Director, Strategy and Analytics

IMA provides underwriting services where we create custom plans to each client as we believe one size does not fit all. Our use of data and cutting-edge analytics help create solutions that will be most cost efficient and provide long term satisfaction.


KC Rippstein – Employee Benefits Compliance Practice Lead

IMA’s Compliance team strive to provide meaningful tools and resources specific to each client. Compliance is not just about rules and regulations but having meaningful conversations to ensure clients are aware of all laws and actions. Our team makes it simple and relatable to ensure assets are protected.

Business Consulting

Jessi Ryan – Vice President of Business Consulting

IMA uses Voice of the Employee to allow your employees to provide feedback via surveys. These surveys will help HR representatives create strategies for improvement and employee satisfaction. IMA creates survey questions unique to each client to help maintain a positive work culture long term.

Life & Disability – Part 1

Jenette Schafer – Vice President, Life, Disability and Supplemental Practice Lead

IMA ensures all our client’s employees receive the benefits they need to protect their income and their assets. IMA experts focus on disability insurance, understanding the importance of having no gaps in coverage. We strive to equalize coverage for all employees and building long-term plans.

Life & Disability – Part 2

Jenette Schafer – Vice President, Life, Disability and Supplemental Practice Lead

IMA commits to finding the most suitable benefits options for each client and their employees. Benefits are designed to maintain employee health, protect their families, and assist with any unexpected medical expenses. Each client is presented with educational campaigns to thoroughly review all benefits options.