Specialty Health

IMA’s Specialty Health Solutions Practice is dedicated to tracking and evaluating both maturing and emerging strategies in the worlds of health benefits and health care. Through this dedicated focus, we can provide valuable insight to our clients regarding potential solutions to address areas of opportunity within their health plan.

Medical Consumerism

Member tools and resources that empower them to shop for healthcare services as a true consumer and make the best decision for their own care based on data such as cost and quality.

  • Care Advocacy
  • Cost Transparency
  • 2nd Opinions
  • Transparent bundled pricing

Access to Care

Care can be provided more efficiently, through new care delivery models and technology, at a lower cost, at the time of need in the appropriate setting, i.e. helping to eliminate unnecessary ER and Urgent Care visits.

  • Employer-sponsored on-site or near-site clinics
  • Direct Primary Care
  • Telemedicine
  • Care on Demand
  • Virtual Primary Care
Targeted Health Management

Based on your health plan data we can help you zero in on specific chronic conditions or a specific subset of your plan member driving a high percentage of your plan’s cost. Many of these services are blending the right degree of technology and personal touch to address the member’s needs proactively and efficiently.

  • Focusing on managing Type 2 Diabetes
  • Addressing members with Pre-Diabetes
  • Targeting Sleep disorders
Network Optimization

Narrowing network options for services such as imaging or outpatient surgeries to reduce cost and improve quality, commonly, connect care concierge services and plan steerage (i.e., member incentives).

  • Elective outpatient surgery network
  • Free-standing imaging network

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