Get out to vote, and get PTO
44% of US companies are providing their employees with paid time off to vote during the 2018 mid-term elections.

Another way to value tech, tax it
The United Kingdom is exploring a new revenue stream by potentially taxing tech companies on revenue generated, but not reported, locally.

Is the gig-economy the ‘new normal’ economy?
Nearly one-in-three workers, over 50 million Americans, work as free lancers. From side-hustles to full-time work made up of part-time gigs, the nature of work is changing.

Is Tinder making our surgeons worse?
A professor of surgery at the Imperial College in London has stated that students are losing manual dexterity due to the amount of time spent on their phones (swiping right, or left?) making them less apt to be able to perform complex surgical procedures.

Ardbeg, Balvenie, Glenlevit and Amazon
Amazon enters another new vertical, partnering with Bowmore to release a 19 year old single malt scotch, only available from the online retailer.

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