The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit ruled that Google’s use of Oracle’s Java programming language, in the development of the Android operating system was a violation of Oracle’s copyrights. Setting the stage for a potential multi-billion dollar payout to Oracle from Google.

The non-partisan American Anitrust Institute think tank has published an open letter to the Department of Justice, calling into question two massive healthcare/insurance mergers: CVS/Aetna and Cigna/Express Scripts.

Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google stocks all declined at least 6% over the last 5 days, wiping out $168.6 billion of shareholder value

Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, voices support for ‘well crafted’ regulation in response to the multiple privacy issues surrounding App Store resident Facebook.

Traditional media is engaging in a grudge match of sorts against the tech giants which are collectively blamed for the downfall of their industry

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