Momentum in housing and manufacturing
Despite some concern regarding the US trade war with China, December reports show US home building and manufacturing increasing.

California tightens on tech
Two major new measures will impact how tech companies in California do business. Can companies pivot to stay in line?

Loneliness. At home and work.
Your workplace may be contributing to loneliness. As new data emerges, employers have an incentive to address this issue that affects both mental and physical health.

WHO names the new decade’s urgent global health challenges
Among the list are infectious diseases, climate change and access to fair healthcare.

AI is here – and it’s WILD
Artificial intelligence’s presence has been ramping up in the tech world for years, and some of the coolest exhibitions were found at the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show.

UK parliament approves Brexit agreement
After three years of propositions and negotiations, Britain is due to leave the European Union next Friday.

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