Clients turn to IMA because of IMA’s reputation for strategic
client advisement and commitment to understanding clients’
goals and every company’s unique internal operations.

IMA offers holistic advice on surety bonding with an eye towards
the company’s long-term goals and seeing around corners
approach to risk.

Insurance by Industry  |  Real Estate  |  Surety

IMA’s surety team is one of the most respected surety operations in the
country. IMA’s team works with clients of all sizes to advise on how to best
attract surety companies, maximize bond ability and minimize risk.

IMA is there when clients need a business partner rather than just a service
provider. The IMA team acts as trusted advisors for clients, helping clients
build their surety capacity and ensuring surety companies are invested in the
client’s business plans – all while maintaining an unparalleled level of service.


Surety Services Provided

+ Negotiation and management of surety program
+ Expedient bond issuance
+ Establish back-up surety partner
+ Project, contract and bond form risk assessment
+ Client financial benchmarking
+ Proactive business and surety advisement
+ Perpetuation and best practices
+ Development and advisement of subcontractor prequalification program
+ Subcontractor risk management tools
+ Validation and review of lower tier subcontract bonds
+ Annual surety market update

A Deeper Dive


RISK in Focus Report

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Market Updates

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Focus on Perils

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