The PREP Symposium offers tactical solutions and advice to help businesses actively evaluate their operations so they can monitor and protect against the existing and emerging risks of COVID-19. The nineteen sessions listed below offer a dive deep into how leaders can help prepare their companies and employees for what is ahead.


A Medical Perspective: Preparing Your Workforce to Return to Work

It is imperative to understand the phases of COVID-19. Reviewing options and special considerations is key to getting your returning workforce a safe environment.

GERRY STANLEY, MD, Chief Medical Officer | Cerner Workforce Health Services


Communicating with Certainty in Uncertain Times

Get an inside look at how IMA’s Communications team has engaged with IMA’s employee community to hear about how they’ve maintained constant contact, collected employee feedback, and sprinkled a little goodwill in the community, to help employees feel engaged and connected.

RUTH ROHS SVP Corporate Communications/Executive Director IMA Foundation | IMA Financial Group

KAKIE ATWELL Manager, Internal Communications | IMA Financial Group


Preparing for the Next Unknown


MICHELLE VERCELLINO Chief Information Officer | IMA Financial Group


The Fall Semester: How Colleges and Universities are Preparing for Students to Return to Campus

For colleges and universities, COVID-19 has presented a unique set of challenges. In March, most schools were abruptly forced to vastly change their teaching model. With school years winding down, the question of what to do for the fall semester is on everyone’s mind. Blake Wells and Brenda Rice discuss how colleges and universities are evolving to manage the risks of COVID-19.

BLAKE WELLS Vice President | IMA, Inc.

BRENDA RICE Risk Control Advisor | IMA, Inc.


Managing Hotel Risks for Reopening Operations

Reopening a hotel to ensure employees and guests are safe and comfortable takes a lot of preparation and many considerations. This session will cover how to manage reduced and restorative operations and building systems, employee training, communications, new world protocols and evolving standards of care, and liability and workers’ compensation concerns.

TIM SMITH Vice President, Operations | IMA, Inc.


State of Construction: Managing Risks

After years of a soft market, the markets were already hardening before COVID-19. However, there are still many opportunities. Learn how to manage the risks presented by the market with Campo and then dive into managing the risks of COVID-19 with Nathan Miller.

MICHAEL CAMPO EVP, National Construction Practice Director | IMA, Inc.

NATHAN MILLER Risk Control Team Leader | IMA, Inc.


Employee Benefit Compliance

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, three relief bills have been passed, with new filing procedures and ways for businesses to seek relief. Unpack how to implement the new guidelines and ensure your business is compliant with the newest measures.

KC RIPPSTEIN Employee Benefits Compliance Practice Lead | IMA, Inc.

CRAIG TRUITT Employee Benefits Compliance Attorney | IMA, Inc.


Employee Wellbeing During and After COVID-19


JILL DiGRAPPA Wellness Advisor | IMA, Inc.


Preparing and Pivoting: How one clinic plans to thrive in a COVID-19 world

As stay at home orders are slowly relaxed around the country and people seek elective procedures that were cancelled, there may be a sudden rush for services. However, many healthcare services are also experiencing significant negative economic impacts, resulting in reduced points of care and service providers. Hear how one clinic is pivoting their business model to help protect caretakers and patients and offering new services to replace lost revenue.

MATT QUINN Business Development | IMA, Inc.


Case Study: City of Boulder, CO


RYAN MONTOVER Risk Control Specialist | IMA, Inc.

KATE DOHN Risk & Loss Control Specialist | City of Boulder


Missing Miles: A Smart Return to Business Travel

For the frequent fliers: as businesses begin to reopen, sales teams, consultants, accountants, project managers, and the many others who rely on travel to conduct their business are itching to get back in the sky and on the road. How can businesses establish sensible travel policies that ensure the safe and productive flow of business?

SEAN JACKSON Managing Director – Global Risk & Benefits | IMA, Inc.

HOPE BROKAW International Account Manager | IMA, Inc.

LIZ YOVICH Global Benefits Practice Lead | IMA, Inc.


Managing Risk in the Workplace During a Pandemic

With many different testing and screening measures available and a plethora of conflicting information about what’s effective, Nicole takes risk managers, HR and executive leaders through what measures businesses are being encouraged to implement, what measures companies can enforce, and what the best practices are to keep employees safe.

NICOLE COUGHLIN Risk Control Advisor | IMA, Inc.


Morale and Leadership During COVID-19

Understanding and engaging with employees during uncertain times is vital to ensuring that employees remain engaged and productive with their work. Without the right action from leadership, employees may start to feel disconnected. Learn how to uncover what employees are really thinking and getting actionable tips for leading your workforce forward.

JESSI RYAN Vice President of Business Consulting | IMA, Inc.

Risk Control in Restaurants

RENEE RHODES Risk Control Advisor | IMA, Inc.


Cyber Risk & Security Best Practices for Small Businesses

The sudden move to a “virtual workplace” has increased cybersecurity concerns for small business owners, but many have not yet implemented safety strategies to address cybersecurity threats. Join IMA Select’s James Millar, and IconicIT’s Kyle Moore to discuss the emerging cyber risks in the COVID-19 era and best practices on helping small businesses become more cyber ready.

JIM MILLAR Business Insurance Advisor | IMA Select


Landlord & Tenant Contracts: What You Need to Know

For businesses that own, lease or manage property, this webinar will take you through the legal and fiscal responsibilities that may be owed as companies deal with issues large and small, from the challenges faced during a sudden economic downturn to who is responsible for paying for new risk management measures.

MICHAEL ROST Associate Counsel | IMA Financial Group


Event Contract Considerations: Cancellations, Postponements and Terminations

Learn what businesses can look for in their event contracts as they grapple with COVID-19’s significant ramifications on the future of in-person events.

LAUREN KARAGOZIAN SVP; Contractual Risk Practice Leader | IMA, Inc.


Best Practices for Creating a Pandemic Communication Strategy 

As businesses begin to take steps to return to work, communicating with employees, customers, clients and partners will be critical. GroundFloor Media’s Jeremy Story will discuss some considerations and tips on how to put together a flexible communications plan to make the transition back to work more successful.

JEREMY STORY Vice President | GroundFloor Media


Top 10 Issues In Bringing The Workforce Back To Work

Craig R. Annunziata Regional Managing Partner | Fisher Phillips

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