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Q4 2023

Markets in Focus | Education Education Q4 2023

In the September outlook on education, law firm Fisher Phillips identified the impact of the SCOTUS ruling on Affirmative Action, Artificial Intelligence, Immigration Compliance, and changes to Title IX among the most compelling issues affecting educational institutions as they kicked off another academic year.1

Add this to continued challenges around enrollment, talent recruitment, data security, sexual misconduct, and student mental health, and it should come as no surprise that school administrators who drive the strategic risk management process at their institutions have their hands full in the ever-evolving landscape of education.2

Compounding these considerations, the insurance market for school risks is undergoing significant changes and challenges. Insurance carriers know the range of risks educational institutions face that require more tailored and specialized insurance.

At the same time, insurance carriers must consider the cost pressures that impact insurance affordability, partly driven by the increased frequency and severity of natural disasters and high-profile incidents of bullying and abuse. Balancing the need for adequate coverage with the constraints of available funding is a delicate challenge, leading schools to explore more risk management strategies and loss prevention measures to control those costs.

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