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Real Estate Industry News

Inflation, evictions, ghost kitchens and more

Top of the news:

Inflation is nearing 10% in Sunbelt cities


 Lael Brainard has pledged to fight inflation if she were selected to be vice chair of the Federal Reserve.


A paper written last year analyzes the impact of eviction moratoriums and how to help cut evictions.


Proptech can support ESG efforts by delivering data on information such as energy usage and adjusting settings on factors such as temperature.

Poor ESG performance has a negative effect on the value of a building, industry experts note.

Professional Development:

Here’s what courageous leaders do.


Globe St. has some ideas on how to repurpose office properties that aren’t being rented.

New York City’s office leasing market was 63% higher than 2020’s.


Almost everyone in commercial property and proptech agrees: it’s too early to see if real estate in the metaverse will pan out.

Ghost kitchens are rapidly adapting to a pseudo-post-pandemic world, with pivots to grocery delivery and ghost kitchen proto-food courts.


The Supreme Court requested a response from the City of Los Angeles in the case filed against them by the Apartment Association of Greater Los Angeles regarding the city’s eviction moratorium.