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Energy Industry News

Concentrated solar power has its day in the sun, the OPEC+ comes to an agreement and more


The U.S. Department of Treasury has approved some exports of liquefied natural gas to Venezuela through July 8, 2022, Reuters writes.

Approvals to drill on public lands have surpassed those granted during the Bush administration, despite the president’s climate agenda, NPR reports.


Shell Oil Company is experiencing more issues with COVID-19 at the Shearwater renovation project off the coast of Scotland, causing the firm to plan on evacuating 20 workers who tested positive for the disease and 98 individuals who were in close contact with them, S&P Global writes.


Oil companies are adapting to the demands of stakeholders and governments who are striving to reduce their oil usage and their carbon emissions – possibly at the risk of Big Oil’s clients, Oil Price writes.

Electricity supply company Southern California Edison is planning to install 38,000 EV charging stations in its service area, with businesses across said service area eligible to apply to have EV charging stations installed in their locations, Utility Dive reports.


Here’s how to use gratitude to guide yourself during an intensive time.


Oil futures rose to a two-year high as the OPEC+ announced that it had come to a deal regarding how much oil member countries would produce post-pandemic, World Oil writes.

Qatar Petroleum and Korea Gas Corporation have signed a 20 year long Sales and Purchase Agreement that would have Qatar Petroleum supply Korea Gas Corporation with two million tons of gas per annum, Gas World reports.


Oil rig construction company Lamprell and energy infrastructure digital simulation company Akselos have announced the success of the GODESS (Global Optimal Design of Support Structures) project, which showed how digital twin projections could reduce the production costs and weight of steel needed to create offshore wind jacket foundations, Offshore Magazine writes.

Concentrated solar power has historically been passed on for the far more simplistic and frugal photovoltaic technology, but the modifications that a concentrated solar power company, who just announced that it will merge with a SPAC, is making to CSP’s process might make it more streamlined and accessible for consumers, The Wall Street Journal reports.


Nonprofit The Southern Environmental Law Center and law firm Ragsdale LLC have filed a lawsuit against Alabama Power over what they claim are highly restrictive costs related to the use of solar power, ABC News writes.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk took to the stand to assert that his company’s purchase of solar panel company SolarCity, which he owned a majority stake in, wasn’t motivated by his own financial interests in lieu of those of his investors, The Washington Post reports.