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How worker shortages could affect President Biden’s infrastructure bill, Dodge Data and Analytics’ Momentum index dropped for the third month in a row, and more


An independent investigation into the collapse of the Edenville Dam in Michigan revealed what deficiencies led to the disaster.


After a tour of El Dorado County in California, which has been particularly hit by the recent spate of wildfires in the state, President Biden announced that the wildfires were fueled by climate change and asked Congress to approve his infrastructure package, which would include resiliency programs for areas struck by natural disasters, Bloomberg reports.


Dodge Data and Analytics’ Momentum index dropped for the third straight month, showing a fall in first reports for nonresidential construction projects that are in planning, For Construction Pros writes. First reports have historically shown to lead construction spending for nonresidential projects by a full year.


President Biden’s infrastructure bill could come across some issues thanks to one really unique problem: the worker shortage, NPR writes.


The University of Auburn’s most recent purchase, a robotic dog from Boston Dynamics named Mac, is being utilized to perform experiments and provide digital construction twins to students, Eagle Eye Auburn writes.


NPM Venture LLC is suing the Chicago Department of Transportation for denying them a permit for construction of a marina, The Chicago Sun-Times writes.


A state road in Colorado was inundated in a mudslide this past week, raising concerns about how to adjust old and new infrastructure to prepare for climate change, NBC News writes.


Employees are leaving or planning on leaving in swarms, with reasons ranging from burnout to return-to-work conflicts. Inc. has more.