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The missing link to federal legalization, labor shortage ups wages,and more


Amazon recently announced they would no longer test their employees for marijuana and that their public policy team will support the MORE Act. Gaining the support of big businesses who see economic benefit for themselves and have leverage in the political arena may be the missing link to legalizing marijuana on the federal level.


A study out of Temple University found that in states that had legalized cannabis, there was a 20% probability reduction that people reported income from workers’ compensation. Additionally, non-fatal workplace injuries declined. This likely means fewer workplace disruptions and a safer, happier workforce.


Indoor cannabis cultivation in Massachusetts is taking up around 10% of the state’s total industrial electrical consumption. Only half of the square footage allowed for cannabis growing is currently in use, so that percentage is likely to go up. As other industries strive to address climate change, the cannabis industry could be undermining that goal in its rapid growth.


Looking to hire new talent? Offer services and programs targeted towards those caught up in the ‘last-mile’ problem.


Hourly and entry-level workers are scarce across all industries, and this shortage is driving wages up, creating economic difficulty for some marijuana operators. However, emphasizing the opportunities for career progress in the rapidly growing CBD industry may attract workers.


Yet another application for hemp is on the horizon. Hemp paper is being tested for use in paper-based diagnostic products, like at-home pregnancy tests. This option would be more environmentally friendly and efficient than current tree-based paper options.


As more states legalize, federal marijuana trafficking cases decline. From 2016 to 2020, cannabis trafficking convictions decreased by 67%. This trend will likely continue, as congressional lawmakers are seeking to legalize marijuana at the federal level.