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Cannabis Industry News: Positive momentum on the SAFE Banking Act, Canada may have the first airport dispensary and more


The future of cannabis in America is clouded by the unfavorable political climate. Nevertheless, small victories can still be won as momentum builds for legalization across several states while also increasing pressure on Washington DC politics to act. The federal marijuana reform landscape through 2022 will likely not yield any comprehensive legislation, but more incremental progress such has already been seen with SAFE Banking Act.


In Canada, the Prince George Airport in British Columbia could soon be the first airport with a licensed dispensary. The airport received a business application from a company called Copilot and, if approved, it would be the first of its kind in the world.


The cannabis industry is growing fast and there are many environmental concerns that need to be addressed. Recently, California based company Vessel announced their partnership with GAIACA Waste Revitalization which will help improve the way we deal with this waste by changing the materials used in the industry.


Here’s what courageous leaders do.


The cannabis brand Viola, a Black-owned multinational cannabis brand, announced that they have closed a $13 million equity funding round. A California-based investment banking firm, DelMorgan & Co., played an integral role in helping them secure this important financing for their company by acting as exclusive strategic transaction advisors to the board of directors at large.


The THCOa Safety Bundle Test from ACS Laboratory is a new cannabis testing panel that can detect 22 different cannabinoids. This means companies will never have to wonder if their cannabis has been contaminated by another chemical.


Illinois’ Supreme Court has been asked to let the state name new craft grower license winners by cannabis company 1837 Craft Grow LLC, who are currently involved in litigation over whether they’ll be able to enter into agreements before applying.