Digital Risk

IMA helps clients in digital risk see
around corners, enabling them to take advantage
of risk rather than simply purchasing insurance.

Insurance by Industry  |  Digital Risk

Protecting Digital Assets
On and Off-chain

Managing risk means more than insuring what is here today, but seeing ahead
to where the business will be tomorrow. IMA understands clients’ business
first and places insurance second.

We have experience in the following verticals:

+ BTC Mining
+ Exchanges + Marketplaces
+ DeFi Protocols and DAOs
+ Digital Asset Payments/POS
+ Web3 Venture Capital
+ The Metaverse
+ Digital Asset Funds
+ Blockchain Infrastructure
+ Gaming
+ dApps

Digital Risk Services

Claims Life Cycle +
Property Errors & Omissions Contract Review
Risk Control Complex Risk Risk Management Executive Risk
Cyber Coverage Insurance Marketing
Services + Structure



IMA works with clients when they need help with specific situations. IMA is there to intervene and help advocate for the best possible outcomes.


IMA supports the execution of transactions in a “need it yesterday” timeframe. These are necessary to the flow of business in which accuracy and speed are essential.