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Q4 2023

Markets in Focus  |  Technology  | Technology Q4 2023

Defined as applying scientific knowledge for practical purposes, technology has many terms, definitions, and use cases. Technology touches every commercial industry vertical and includes hardware and software solutions for public use, including information technology, robotics, the Internet of Things, communication, health technology, machine learning, electronics, and automation. In this report, we will focus on three of the timeliest advancements for 2023-2024: Artificial Intelligence, Quantum Computing, and Sustainable Technology.

Change is a constant and a measure of progression into the future. Technological advancements continue to shape the current state and lead us into the future. In the following annual report, IMA’s Advanced Industries team looks at significant innovations in artificial intelligence, quantum computing, sustainable technology, and market challenges. We then consider the impacts and uncover insights that may impact the future of insurance strategies and risk solutions.

This edition covers:

+ 2023 Year in Review

+ Artificial Intelligence (AI)

+ Quantum Computing

+ Sustainable Technology

+ Regulations Challenges

+ Key Coverages to Watch

+ Final Summary