Markets in Focus


Q2 2022

Peter Diamandis has been known to say that there will be more progress in the next decade than in the previous 100 years. In fact, if you look at the past 10-15 years, you will already see tremendous progression in the technology space and how that is quickly hurtling us toward the “Fourth Industrial Revolution.” Within just the past 15 years, YouTube was created; Google acquired Android; a drone was a “Unmanned Aerial Vehicle” used solely by the Government; and blockchain did not exist. “The best way to predict the future is to create it yourself,” per Diamandis; and an abundance of technology funding supports this entrepreneurial drive globally.¹

Our Advanced Industries Professionals estimate that within the next decade, there will continue to be significant growth within the sectors of Automation, Connectivity, Quantum Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Zero Trust. Embracing these cutting-edge technologies as well as global innovation will increase the talent pool and create new funding facilities for the future. As such, having a broker that understands this ever-changing landscape will be crucial for protecting these complex assets with cutting-edge risk management programs.