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Concern for worsening ransomware attacks, positive Q2 earnings and more


At the start of the pandemic, the DHHS removed barriers to telehealth reimbursement under Medicare. Now, 430 advocacy groups are calling on Congress to make these changes permanent so that telehealth access remains, even after the pandemic is over.


Antibody response to the COVID-19 vaccine appears most effective among younger people, and less effective in populations aged 70 and older. In other words, older people aren’t safe from the virus just because they’re vaccinated. This finding is prompting further calls for widespread vaccination to protect vulnerable populations.


The health care industry and its authorities have shown that they can lead in the pandemic crisis. However, once the pandemic subsides, the question may become whether or not that industry is willing to lead against climate change.

Professional Development:

Here are some tips on how to deal with burnout.


For-profit hospitals are reporting positive Q2 earnings, but rising case numbers of the COVID-19 delta variant compounded with continued staffing shortages are ongoing uncertainties that may impact the rest of the year.


According to experts presenting in a recent hearing to the U.S. House of Representatives, United States health systems are unprepared for the threat of ransomware attacks. Recommendations were made, and, if not checked, ransomware is a problem that will only continue to worsen.


The DOJ and HHS have issued a new guidance that people with long COVID-19 symptoms are considered disabled under the Americans with Disabilities Act. This will ideally ensure rights for people with long COVID-19.