IMA guides clients and uncovers ways to
reduce program costs, increase access and
quality of care, and improve health outcomes.

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Protecting Assets
in Benefits

Leveraging strategic analytics and expert insights, IMA
helps companies maximize their benefits offerings while
minimizing costs.

IMA has built an organization focused on the needs of benefits clients
with over 100 associates dedicated to our national practice.

Benefits Services

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A Deeper Dive


Focus on Perils

Learn about perils that may affect your business
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Approach to Service


IMA is constantly and diligently scanning the benefits environment and mining data to deliver innovative solutions that increase and improve access to care while reducing costs.


IMA works with clients when they need help with specific situations. IMA is there to intervene and help advocate for the best possible outcomes.


IMA supports the execution of transactions in a “need it yesterday” timeframe. These are necessary to the flow of business in which accuracy and speed are essential.