Protect your assets wherever they’re located

As an international company with offices and employees in multiple countries, you have a unique set of risks that require specialized insurance solutions. 

IMA, Inc.’s global risk department provides international solutions by getting to know your in-country exposures. It will tap more than 22 years of international expertise and connections in 135 countries to customize a global insurance program just for you, your size and your industry.

IMA brings a deep understanding and background to the international marketplace that will allow you to rest comfortably knowing your assets are protected anywhere around the world.

Travel Insurance

Unforeseen events can impact globally mobile people while traveling on business or for pleasure. Financial, medical and legal issues negatively impact the success of a business trip or steal pleasure from a family vacation.

International capabilities for you
  • Strategic consultation on global program design
  • Access to implementation and program management specialists
  • Country-specific exposure identification
  • Travel security and terrorism protection
  • Gap coverage and overlap identification
  • Local claims advocacy

Your organization will benefit from IMA’s strong carrier relationships, institutional expertise and seamless integration solutions.


IMA Global Network 

Through strategic partnerships with Assurex Global, WBN, and other relationships in key countries, IMA can dedicate specialized resources to your global endeavors. International insurance specialists in more than 600 offices in 130-plus countries stand ready to respond.

International Carrier Relationships

No matter where you are, a claims advocate from the wide-ranging network can be there to help. IMA’s strong carrier relationships ensure you’ll be covered by a custom policy that protects your unique needs. As a global insurance broker, IMA can place coverage with large domestic and foreign-based carriers including but not limited to:

  • ACE/Chubb
  • AIG
  • Allianz
  • AXA
  • CNA
  • FM Global
  • Hiscox
  • Liberty Mutual
  • Lloyd’s of London
  • QBE
  • RSA (Royal and Sun Alliance)
  • Travelers
  • XL
  • Zurich

Insuring your large multinational organization requires IMA’s established partnerships. Let IMA partner with you to protect your assets around the world.


Insured with institutional knowledge

When you join forces with IMA, you’ll receive institutional knowledge that spans generations. It’s a team assembled with the industry’s brightest minds to make a difference for your company.

IMA has staffed thought leaders with international experience in industries including but not limited to:

  • Technology
  • Manufacturing
  • Architecture and engineering
  • Oil and gas
  • Real estate
  • Healthcare

More than 22 years of experience in international insurance coverage will provide the bedrock of your guidance and policy specifics. You’ll receive consultation on compliance issues including mandatory coverages, local regulations and premium tax laws – all while applying best practices on a country-by-country basis.


Across the IMA process is an overall mission to protect assets and to make a difference. It is what has propelled the organization to become a top-10 independently owned insurance broker. Locally and abroad, IMA will apply its proven integration strategies to give you an appropriate level of coverage in the complex global economy.

Key integration components include:

  1. Gap or coverage overlap identification and consolidation of various entity policies where able
  2. Seamless integration with domestic insurance program
  3. Centralized control/single access point for international placements, consultation and claims a safety related issues

You want superb account service no matter where your offices are located. By integrating IMA’s expertise, partnerships and processes, you’ll understand why companies have been seeking IMA’s global risk assurance for more than 22 years.

International Business Protection

Protect your assets wherever they’re located

When traveling overseas, your domestic coverage probably doesn’t cut it. Easy and affordable international package policies can cover your employees, products, raw materials and business transactions around the world. IMA’s global risk department can quote, bind, bill and issue an international trip or travel package policy for your international efforts. Wherever they are at, your assets can be protected by IMA.

International package policies through ACE International Advantage® offer:

  • Affordable, comprehensive international coverage for firms and employees traveling, selling and working overseas
  • Instant quote, bind and policy issuance
  • Reassurance knowing Ace International Advantage provides a superior A+ rating by A.M. Best
Eligibility requirements

International package policies are for U.S.-based businesses with foreign activities whose employees:

  • Travel overseas
  • Travel individually or in small groups of less than six people per flight
  • Travel up to 30 days in a single trip
  • Have annual foreign sales of less than $10 million
  • Have had no foreign losses within the past five years

Contact an IMA global risk specialist today to better understand why an international package policy is right for your employees. Through IMA’s global risk department, the Assurex Global network and WBN, you have access to superior service providers for insurance solutions based on your global needs.

Terrorism and Political Violence

Terrorism threats have become a greater concern for companies in today’s uncertain and rapidly evolving political climate. Once a rarely needed element included within most property policies, it is now recommended that terrorism coverage be part of a comprehensive risk management program.

IMA provides stand-alone property terrorism coverage solutions designed to protect businesses from potentially devastating losses resulting from a terrorist act. IMA goes beyond government-mandated protection and offers industry-leading limits for the unexpected times when a business may need it the most.

Terrorism coverage highlights
  • Broad definition of terrorism that covers certified and noncertified acts of terrorism
  • Coverage is provided for acts of terrorism committed domestically and abroad.
  • Coverage can be arranged for U.S. assets alone or on a global basis


Political violence

For clients with exposures in the developing world, coverage can be extended to cover the gray area of political violence where war on land, civil war, rebellion, revolution or insurrection, strikes, riots, civil commotions (SRCC) and malicious damage are most common.

As a market leader in terrorism and political violence insurance, IMA has access to all international markets, including London, and the best global terrorism and political risk insurance underwriters.

Types of coverage

IMA’s global risk team creates tailored terrorism and political violence coverage options to meet your needs. Terrorism and political violence insurance plans can include:

  • Property damage
  • Business interruption
  • Delay in start up
  • Liability coverage
  • Nuclear, chemical, radiological and biological coverage
  • Legal liability


About POOLS and the TRIA

In response to the threat of terrorism, the U.S. Terrorism Risk Insurance Act and other similar international acts called POOLS were created to provide mandates on terrorism insurance. However, defining terrorism and its coverage varies greatly from country to country, which can lead to gaps in coverage for multinational organizations. A global risk expert’s guidance is strongly encouraged to help your organization receive seamless coverage.

Trade Credit Insurance

Protect the largest asset on your balance sheet

Trade credit insurance protects your business from non-payment of commercial debt and makes sure your invoices will be paid. If a customer fails to pay, IMA, Inc. lets you focus on running a profitable business while it takes care of the collection of your insured invoices.

Why business owners need trade credit insurance

One defaulted payment or credit loss from a medium-sized customer could be the difference between a profitable year and one in the red. Since you sell your products or services on open account credit, your firm is at risk. IMA encourages you to ask the following questions:

  • How are things financially?
  • Are you getting paid on time?
  • Are any of your customers slow to pay?
  • Are exports a good chance for growth?
  • What countries are you considering doing business with?

With this information in mind, IMA can help increase your short-term borrowing capacity locally and abroad, protect against the bankruptcy and political uncertainty of medium and large customers, and help identify your best customers.

Protect the biggest asset on your balance sheet, accounts receivable, with trade credit insurance. It can help your organization with increased sales, improved cash flow and opens the door for more competitive selling terms.