Amazon has narrowed the list for HQ2 to 20 cities, many of which are on the East Coast. Did lack of public transportation hurt some supposed front runners?

Move over tiny homes, mobile home communities are making a comeback (or making their introduction?) into the world of cool living spaces. With rents and home prices on a nice upward trajectory for most of the country, could this be the new housing trend?

BlackRock, yes the same company who owns 5% of all financial assets worldwide, is calling for companies to become more socially conscious (for the second year in a row) or face the company pulling their investments from those who don’t. Empty threat? Maybe, but the company did just amp up their investment auditing team to 60+ people – #bethechange.

Even the investment community suffers from FOMO (the millennial acronym for Fear Of Missing Out); capital inflows into equity markets tick up as the rally continues.

The Unites States is poised to overtake Saudi Arabia and challenge Russia as the world’s largest producer of crude oil

ADT kicks off 2018 tech IPOs with a less than stellar start.

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