The Fed’s meeting minutes were released
There was little surprise in the meeting minutes, as speculated, the discussions were centered around the strengthening economy, trade policy uncertainty, and rate hikes.

Facebook v. Congress
More questions seemed to have surfaced than were answered for Facebook after nearly 10 hours of Senate testimony from Zuck, but the social behemoth could be skating on even thinner ice.

Paul Ryan retires?!
Paul Ryan announced that he will be retiring from Congress after this year, shocking both Republicans and Democrats alike.

Highways are getting smarter
What’s next for China? A smart highway. Plans are in the developmental stages to create a highway that provides better traffic updates, more accurate mapping and on-the-go recharging of electric-vehicle batteries.

Sleeping among the stars
Orion Span Inc. announced its plans to create a luxury hotel – in space. The company hopes to launch the hotel in 2021 and have its first guests the following year, but start saving now, a 12-day stay will set you back about $9.5MM per person.

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