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While IMA’s sustainability journey is in the early stages, its first focus is its real estate portfolio. Buildings are some of the largest consumers of natural resources and largest generators of carbon emissions.  According to the U.S. Green Building Council, each year, buildings are responsible for 39% of CO2 emissions in the U.S. and 36% of greenhouse gas emissions worldwide. Buildings also consume 70% of U.S. electricity; use 15 trillion gallons of water; and consume 40% of raw materials globally. This significant impact of buildings on the environment means that offices within buildings can also be a significant part of the solution.


IMA’s Denver headquarters building is LEED gold certified. In addition to its energy efficient lighting, windows and HVAC system, the building also houses a secure bike storage area, recycling bins at every desk, electronics recycling and greatly reduced paper products. All Denver associates receive a complimentary pass to use public transit.

IMA leases much of its office space across the country but is still committed to ensuring these spaces follow IMA’s sustainability plan. The plan encourages local offices to reduce paper usage, form Green Teams to ensure regular “green” activities, recycle paper and electronics and work with building management to improve energy efficiency. Strong consideration will be given to buildings in LEED neighborhood and Brownfield developments and buildings with close proximity to public transit.