With IMA Select, You Are Not Alone

As an independent broker, IMA Select works for you, not the insurance company

IMA Select has developed a unique Claims Advocacy program, where our clients are partnered with a specific IMA Select associate who is responsible for walking you through the claims process, if you were to ever experience a loss.

Our Claims Advocates provide by-your-side attention, corresponding on your behalf with the insurance company and ensuring the process goes as smoothly as possible.

Your business is unique, and your Claims Advocate understands your specific situation better than the insurance company

IMA Select is in your corner, we will do everything possible to resolve your claim, not just quickly and easily, but in your best interest.

Our Claims Advocates help:

  • Reporting the claim to the insurance company
  • Walking you through the claims process, and reporting progress at each step
  • Negotiating settlement with the insurance company
  • Navigating the steps to repair damage or replace equipment and facilities

You’ve put an incredible amount of time, energy and money into creating your business.

Let us help you protect it so you can continue to thrive, even when life throws you a curve.