RISK in Focus


Q4 2022

RISK in Focus is an overview to show recent risks in the workplace, on the jobsite and throughout the world.

A comprehensive review of hazards that contribute to the risks are spelled out to help you learn and avoid these hazards for yourself and your company.


This edition covers:

+ Liability related to third-party food delivery services
+ Cybersecurity and data breaches
+ Getting on the wrong side of specific employment practices
+ Active assailant events

The Restaurant industry has been challenged more than most in recent years; with their revenue, financial risks and valuations closely tied to the pandemic recovery, labor issues, inflation and the economic slowdown.

As they wrestle with those very real concerns, though, other less obvious risks discussed in this analysis are present every day – conditions that could have as dramatic an impact on their bottom line as those macro-level risks.

While property owners and managers are certainly aware of these risks, they may not fully embrace the extent they can manage or mitigate them with the strategies we’ll also address. The costs of these risk management steps are minimal compared to the tremendous economic impact any of those scenarios could have on their business.

Still, the understandable but unfortunate tendency is to postpone proactive risk prevention, a strategy few restaurant and drinking place investors and onsite managers would explicitly endorse … but one that’s all too easy to slip into.

In this report, we’ll explore those risks in a bit more detail and suggest ways that restaurant and drinking place owners can manage and limit those risks in order to maintain the value of their retail asset and maximize their P&L.