IMA wants to help your company prepare for
its unique workers’ compensation challenges.

By planning, and not just reacting, companies can
better care for their employees’ health and safety.

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What if you could accurately predict the costs of workers’ compensation claims for your organization?

+ Individual Claim Predictive Technology: Based upon individual
claim and employee data, IMA has the technology to help predict large
claim development probabilities for improved claims management

+ Experience modification factor projects: Audit policy information
for possible errors and fix adverse information, saving clients thousands
of dollars

+ Deductible cost and retention plans and benefit analysis: Evaluate
opportunities to save costs with small deductible and large retention plans

Exposures + Risks
+ Auto accidents from deliveries

+ Cuts from knives and other tools

+ Eye injury from splashing grease or sanitizing liquid

+ Heavy-lift strains

+ Hot liquid and fire burns

+ Inhalation of toxic chemicals or substances

+ Slips and falls from wet surfaces