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Q4 2022

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Technology continues to be a primary factor for change in the world today.

Technological advances give businesses, governments and social-sector institutions more possibilities to elevate their productivity, invent and reinvent offerings and contribute to humanity’s well-being.1

The post-pandemic workplace continues to evolve and digital transformation has accelerated across every organization, which is forcing CIOs to keep up with pace.2 Additionally, IT departments must improve their maturity in key capabilities to maintain relevance in the organization3; and executive boards must give IT executives a seat at the proverbial table. According to Info-Tech Tech Trends 2022 survey, 79% of organizations will have a mix of workers in the office and at home.2 Hybrid work models have become a post-pandemic norm; CIOs have been at the forefront of hybrid work by facilitating collaboration between employees mixed between meeting at the office and virtually.2 To foster this collaboration, companies will continue to invest in tools adapted during the pandemic.2

Security strategies are essential for companies to control access to their digital assets and confidential data, providing access to only the right people and at the right time.2 Security strategies must adapt to a new caliber of threats in ransomware to avoid operational disruption and reputational harm.2 Therefore, organizations are being pushed to take a multi-faceted, Enterprise Risk Management approach to prepare for catastrophic losses.2

This edition covers:

+ Top New Technology Trends, 2023

+ Major Claims in the Sector

+ Guidance

+ Cybersecurity Best Practices for Proactive Risk Management



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