Markets in Focus

Restaurants + Drinking Places

Q4 2022

Markets in Focus  |  Hospitality  |  RB Q4 2022

While the restaurant and drinking place sector struggled as a whole during the pandemic, the expansion of some specific service channels during this period softened the blow for some. This is especially true for franchised operations as compared to independent establishments.

Franchised locations were relatively better prepared to weather mandated dine-in service shutdowns. Many already offered carryout, delivery and drive-thru services that could be scaled to offset the impact of their closed dining areas.

The independent establishments had been relatively less reliant on these options, and they improvised to reorient their operations to accommodate customer drive-up and delivery. Many were not able to scale these services sufficiently to remain viable.

This edition covers:

  • 2H Outlook
  • Major Claims in the Sector
  • Guidance