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Q1 2024

Markets in Focus  |  Hospitality  |  Q1 2024

Restaurants and Drinking Establishments
In the dynamic restaurant industry landscape, evolving consumer preferences and technological advancements continue to shift the space. Today, while consumers are actively seeking healthier, globally inspired meals crafted from high-quality ingredients, the industry is witnessing a surge in off-premises dining and a rapid embrace of digitalization to meet the diverse needs of customers, driving more delivery and drive-thru business than ever before. With this continued shift, premises liability is predicted to continue being a lower risk frequency while there is still a rise in nuclear verdict severity that can be a challenge for catastrophe claims such as liquor liability and general slip/fall exposures.

Hotels and Casinos
The continued return of hotel occupancy paints a compelling picture of resilience. With an impressive 29.2% year-over-year growth in December, San Diego spearheads this resurgence, closely followed by San Francisco at 21.5%.¹ This positive momentum is echoed across the entire U.S., with an increase just under 5% in ADR growth from December 2022.² In the past two years, the hotel industry’s primary challenge has shifted from attracting customers to finding and retaining staff. In response, hotels have worked to enhance pay and benefits for workers but still lack adequate staffing, leading to challenges in training for new hires and delivery of a consistent guest experience, all of which can translate to higher risks in liability, workers’ compensation, and even property losses due to inadequate training on what to do in the event of a fire or water damage event.


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