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Restaurant Industry News: OSHA’s new mandate blocked, edible spoons to mitigate waste and more


Employers with more than 100 workers must provide proof of vaccination or get tested regularly under OSHA’s new mandate, but an appeals court has blocked it for now.


In a move that could potentially protect both customers and employees from infection, several restaurant diners are beginning to require proof of booster shots for COVID-19 vaccination. However, this new trend is emerging beyond individual restaurants as well – including cruise lines, Facebook’s office building, and a growing number of eateries.


Dippin’ Dots has teamed up with IncrEdible cutlery to offer their environmentally friendly spoons in select locations.


Here’s what courageous leaders do.


Cofounders of Savory Fund, Shauna and Andrew K. Smith are changing the way private equity firms invest in restaurants. They plan on partnering with emerging brands, less than 20 locations, and work together as an operational guide instead of a silent partner.


There is an increase of food-service robots making their way into restaurants for front of house positions. Starting in 2021, both Denny’s & Chili’s have been rolling out robot servers from Bear Robotics while others such as Keenon and Pudu are building their own.


Third-party delivery aggregators will no longer be able to use restaurant branding and trademarks in a misleading fashion after the passing of Texas Senate Bill 911 on January 1st. The legislation grants restaurants legal relief of Third-party delivery services are caught violating these rules.